The town is formed by Saneja, Sant Martí d’Aravó, Sant Martí de Cerdanya (Puigcerdà Residencial)xt and Guils.

It is a municipality mainly devoted to the agricultural and livestock sector. The beauty that its landscapes offer has made Guils a tourist site par excellence. Tourism has enhanced the restoration of old houses and the construction of urbanizations such as Roc Foradat, Barri de Golf or Arboleda.
Guils has an elongated shape, limiting to the municipalities of Porta, Tour de Querol, Enveig, Puigcerdà, Bolvir and Ger.

The mountain, which occupies the entire western part of the municipality, has a forest area of: 1202 ha of public utility not consorciated, 359 ha of meadows and pastures, and 1514 communal ha, unprofitable, high mountain rocks. It also has 553 hectares of crops, of which 268 are irrigated land.

From Puigcerdà to Guils there are about 6 km. To get there by car, we have to leave Puigcerdà towards the Railway Station until we reach the Gothic bridge of Sant Martí. At about 200 m we turn right and we take the highway to Saneja and, without entering the village and continuing along the road about 3 km further, we will arrive at Guils de Cerdanya.

On the right of the entrance of Guils, there is an asphalted forest trail that leads to the “GUILS FONTANERA” ski slopes, one of the highest tourist attractions in the village. The tracks have a development of about 45 km in the middle of the forest. You can rent skis, rackets, monitors and use the bar-restaurant.

There are ski and rack rental services, monitors and bar-restaurant.

  • Inhabitants: 368
  • Surface area: 22 km2
  • Coordinates: 42º27’2″N, 1º52’47″E
  • Density: 17,80 inhab./km2
  • Event of the year: May 15

For more tourist information and accommodations, check the website of the Council of Guils de Cerdanya or Regional Tourism of Cerdanya