Jan Margarit and Laia Andreu, European champions of snowshoes at Guils-Fontanera

The European Snowshoe Championships, organised by the International Snowshoe Federation (ISSF) and the Unió Muntanyenca Eramprunyà, has been held at the Guils-Fontanera Nordic ski resort on March 3. The race has also been valid for the Catalonia championship of the specialty.

All the components of the Catalan snowshoe selection of the Catalan Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (FEEC) have participated in the race. The team has been formed by: Laia Aguilar (CE Calldetenes), Laia Andreu (EU Vic), Joan Freixa (AE Mountain Runners of Berguedà), Eduard Hernández (AE Matxacuca), Sílvia Leal (CE Pontsicà), Marc Traserra (CE Voltreganès ARS ), Sílvia Zúñiga (CE Pontsicà) and Just Sociats (CN Terrassa).

Jan Margarit and Laia Andreu, European champions at Guils-Fontanera

The Guils-Fontanera race has had an 11-kilometer course, with a positive unevenness of 300 meters, combining very fast flat sections with other technical sections. The conditions of the snow have been excellent.

The race has come very fast and from the first times the favourites have occupied the leading places. The route had three loops and the runners have gone through the starting and finish line three times, which made easier to follow for the public. Jan Margarit and Eduard Hernandez have been the runners who have been pulled out of the group, closely followed by the catalans Joan Freixa and Just Sociats and other members from the Italian team.

Jan Margarit (AE Mountain Runners del Berguedà), finally, has been the best in the men’s category, and has been proclaimed European champion of snowshoes in Guils-Fontanera. “The race has been divided into three loops. Firstly, we have all grouped together. In the second loop I started to press hard and I have distanced myself. I did not know how the snow would be in all the stretches and I went with everything I could during the whole race. When I saw there were only two or three kilometers left I went a bit faster to finish the race. I liked the circuit very much. Very fun and entertaining. The last time I put on my rackets was here two years ago. I’m happy to have come back”, explained Margarit after finishing the race.

Eduard Hernández (AE Matxacuca) was the runner-up and the third place on the podium was occupied by Joan Freixa (AE Mountain Runners del Berguedà).

In the women’s category, Laia Andreu (UE Vic) has been the fastest, leading the race since the beginning, becoming the European champion. “The race has come very fast. At all times, I have stayed in front. I have enjoyed the race”, commented Andreu having won the Guils-Fontanera race.

Sílvia Leal (CE Pontsicà) arrived in the second place and the third one was occupied by Sílvia Zúñiga (CE Pontsicà).

The race was valid for the FEEC Catalan Championship of snowshoes. The Catalan title was for Jan Margarit and Laia Andreu. The subchampionship fell to Eduard Hernández and Sílvia Leal and the third place was for Joan Freixa and Sílvia Zúñiga.

The awards ceremony was attended by the president of the FEEC, Jordi Merino; first Vicepresident, Josep Casanovas; and the technical sports director, Antoni Massagué.

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