Who are we

The International Snowshoe Federation (ISSF) organizes, along with the Unió Muntanyenca Eramprunyà and the Catalan Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (FEEC), the European Snowshoe Championship in Guils de Cerdanya.

The race will be held at the Guils-Fontanera Nordic ski resort on Saturday, March 3 and will have an approximate distance of 10 km with 200 m of altitude.

This race is a historical one of the Catalan circuit of snowshoeing and it has been the place of different national championships. Guils’s is one of the classic snowshoes in Catalonia and usually brings to this town of La Cerdanya the best Catalan athletes and a good number of fans. This year we will reach the fifth edition of the Guils-Fontanera.

The ISSF is also premiered in the organization of European events. The European Snowshoe Championship will bring to Catalonia the best athletes of the specialty. There will be the participation of names like Stepahne Ricard, Pippo Barizza, Alex Baldaccini, Isabella Morlini, Antonella Confortola, among others, as well as the members of the Catalan snowshoe team with names such as Laia Andreu, Silvia Leal and Just Sociats.